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Victory Christian Center, Coitsville Campus, is currently accepting applications for a Video Director whose primary role is to work with the church's ministries overseeing the video team and video content for worship services, special events and promotional content.  

Some responsibilities include:

  • Oversee all video functions, schedules and video productions for church services and events 

  • Train video staff and volunteers for camera, live stream and video production

  • Maintain video equipment and supplies along with records or equipment maintenance

  • Determine and manage the approved budget for the video department

  • Maintain the church's brand throughout all video design and production

  • Meet and participate in staff planning meetings 

  • Produce video to support and promote ministry for video and social media platforms

  • Additional duties as necessary


  • Proven work experience in media and graphic design

  • Proficient in video production and camera operation

  • Ability to build teams

  • Excellent communication skills (in person, phone and written)

  • Creative edge in production and design

This is a full-time position with paid vacation time and a benefit package. Applications will be accepted through May 21st.  Only qualified applicants will be considered. To start the application process please continue below.

We would like to say thank you for your interest in employment with us at Victory Christian Center. We truly do consider it an honor when someone would like to be employed by the church.

The following statements represent who we are as a church. We do our best to ensure that those applying for employment understand our mission, values and culture and that they are willing to embrace it.

Victory Christian Center is organized for religious purposes and is substantially controlled and supported by a religious body, the Head of which is Jesus Christ.

As a church, the importance of each employment decision is to hire an individual with the intent of extending their realm of ministry and ours.


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Excellence revealing Jesus

Integrity building strong foundations

God’s Word defining truth

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Loving God Completely
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Loving People Unconditionally
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I share my victory

Loving Life Enthusiastically
I live in freedom
I command my finances

Your signature acknowledges your willingness to comply with our mission, values and culture here at Victory Christian Center. Once completed, our Human Resources department will send you an employment application.